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salsa dance classes in christchurch New Zealand Frequently Asked Questions for Salsa  
We all have basic questions from time to time, especially if we are just starting out, and this section has been constructed to give you some experienced insight into some of the "Frequently Asked Questions" for Salsa Classes ...enjoy...
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Can I come take a look?
Feel free to come and watch any running classes, anytime they are on, we recommend coming to watching more advanced salsa dance classes.
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Can I bring a friend?
Yes you can bring as many as you like for a first free class in beginners. Enrol them online to save time.
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How much are Salsa Latina classes?
Your first beginners class is FREE. Then when you continue, we recommend to get a concession card - we also have casual prices, See Our pricing explained here >
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Do I need to bring a partner?
No, there are always plenty of people to dance with and the class is rotated regularly so you get a chance to dance with different people and experience different leading and following. If there is an inbalance of Male to Female ratio we can make up numbers in the following weeks with more experienced Salseros.
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If I'm bringing a partner do I have to swap?
You don't have-to swap, but we do encourage it to aid learning, you could always go over with you partner after class and this is an advantage. If you don't want to swap that is okay too, please let us know, we can give you some tips.
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I'm a Beginner, when can I start classes?
Beginner Salsa classes start every 4 weeks and new faces are always welcome. If you have no experience, join in with the beginners classes, these dance classes focus on the basics to get you moving.
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What are the Levels?
In this order: Beginners, Bridge, Improvers, Intermediate (ABCDetc) then Upper Intermediate & Advanced. The dance levels, descriptions & where to start - here >
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What is the 'Salsa Latina Foundation System'?
Its a syllabus based on basics & fundamentals, simply meaning simplied sets moves so you can construct more complicated turn patterns, basically we keep building on information you learn each week progressively. Learn more about this here >
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How do I know what level of dancer I am, where should I start?
It is always best to join the Beginners level group lesson as each instructor has his/her own style and teaching methods. If the class is too slow or easy then you can move up to the next level with private lessons, they are a good way to fill in the blanks, but its always best to talk with the instructors.
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What should I wear?
Dress for convenience and comfort, so you can concentrate on learning. Gym wear or casual cloths are common. Dress to impress for Salsa club nights & events.
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Do I need special footwear?
Its recommend that you wear leather-soled shoes or dance shoes. Most sneakers or other shoes with rubber or spongy soles can stick to the floor during turns and spins and cause ankle and knee injuries. However at a beginner level, anything comfortable is ok. If in doubt about your shoes, bring along a spare pair. Get Shoes here>
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What will I learn?
Everything you need to feel comfortable on the social dance floor - so you can have a great time, are able to dance with anyone, anytime to any salsa music, anywhere in the world! We cover basic structure and techniques of Salsa dancing with and without a partner. The more you understand the fundamentals "the building blocks" the faster you can develop your own style.
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Do I need to bring anything?
Because Salsa is also cardio exercise, we recommend that you bring a hand-towel and drink bottle, we do have drinks available for purchase. Also with all partner dancing think more about personal hygiene by making sure your breath is sweet and use deodorant.
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How long will it take me to learn to dance well?
Everyone learns at a different rate which makes this a hard question to answer! Every student will learn the basic steps and have two or three variations in their first class. In every lesson you will learn more and have more fun. The best way to learn is to take group and private classes, be familiar with the music (listen to Salsa at home) and practice! This makes all the difference between a fast and slow learner. We recommend that you take classes at least twice a week, take some private lessons, attend socials and dance with everybody to get the best results!
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When will I get good?
(from Edie the Salsa Freak) "When beginners ask me that question, I can't help but smile. My usual answer is two simple words: 'IT DEPENDS'. I always suggest educating yourself about what Beginner's go through during the beginning phases of learning" more here >
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Do I need private lessons?
If you want a head start or to jump levels, private lessons are by far the fastest way to learn. Generally, we recommend that you do both private and group classes to feel the greatest benefit. If you're new or behind in classes, you could always try taking a private lesson to catch up to the rest of the class, you can either come with your partner or as a one on one. more here>
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Where is Salsa Latina's Studio & where can I park?
54 Fitzgerald Ave, Christchurch, New Zealand
See Maps & pics - More info here >
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Am I too young or too old?
Salsa dancing has people as young as 4 years old, or to a very mature age, enjoying this wonderful pastime. To see a video of an 80 year old see this here >. To dance salsa is a natural human activity comes with many benefits, as follows.....
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What are the Benefits of dancing Salsa?
• The best and easiest way to meet someone you are interested in
• Awesome way to exercise your body
• Develop co-ordination of mind and muscle
• Encourages good poise, regardless of age
• Tones up the body and gives that "great-to-be-alive" feeling
• Increase bone density and strengthens ligaments & tendons
• Teaches participants the social graces
• Helps to keep you youthful and up-to-date
• Is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together
• Is a great social asset
• Promotes confidence and self-assurance
• Is the most rewarding way to spend your leisure time
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Safety tips for Social Dancing
• The floor is for dancing. Walk around the edge of the dance floor rather than trying to thread your way through the dancers.
• Don't take drinks onto the dance floor incase you spill a drink, dancers soles tend to absorb fluids and then they can't dance.
• Take off sharp rings, bracelets, hair pieces and keep your nails short guys too.
• If you are teaching, learning or practicing new moves, do it off to the side of the dance floor.
• If the dance floor is crowded, don't take up excessive space or travel from area to area, look around and behind you so you don't crash into others. As with driving, good dancing includes the skill of dancing with everyone on the dance floor, not just your partner. Air steps (aerials) & lifts are for competitions and performances not the social dance floor and are banned at the studio and usually social events. Never lift without permission.
• Do not drink and dance. Not to much anyway... If you have had too much to drive, you've had too much to dance.
• Also make sure your breath is sweet and use deodorant. Manage your well being.
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We will look forward to seeing you on the dance floor......


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